Structured Finance

Running a sustainable business in these modern times requires flexibility and adaptability especially when it comes to financial resources. You need to be able to ride the constantly changing business landscape through smart and productive use of all available financing options. Unfortunately, many business leaders and executives are unfamiliar with these options and are therefore constrained to work with only what they know.

Some business owners know these options but are apprehensive about the risks involved and eventually fail to capitalize on the opportunity to expand their enterprise. Some businesses never take off because owners do not know where to get the resources needed to get them started.

We have Options

At ATIAT, we believe in enabling growth and harnessing potentials. We believe that a carefully laid out financing plan, together with hard work and determination, every business owner can succeed and establish a sustainable enterprise.

Whether you are a small startup company or a well-established organization in need of financial solutions to augment your existing resource, we can work with you to study all available options and set up a solid financing strategy that will get you closer to achieving your goals.

Under our Structured Finance Services, we can provide you with unique opportunities for complex financial transactions.

  • We offer micro loans — small, short term loans with low interest rates.
  • We can provide invoice discounting services that will give you quick access to cash that offers flexibility as it adapts to your business performance.
  • We can set up a Local Purchase Order (LPO) financing scheme so you can get immediate access to capital using confirmed purchase orders for goods or letters of awards for services from your clients.

As with any financial transactions, there will always be some risks involved. We can help you understand all the risks that come with these financial options so you can weigh them accordingly and make the best decision for you and your organization.

Get in touch with us today and know more about our Structured Finance Services and how we can provide you with the fuel to make your dreams become reality.


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