Operating Lease

Success in business demands strategic focus — on your goals, your operations, and your customers. This can be specially challenging when you also need to look after other important but non-core aspects of your business like transportation and logistics.

Logistics management is a difficult task. Aside from acquisition and mobilization, you also need to worry about repairs, maintenance, insurance, accidents, and a host of other issues that come with operating your vehicles. It is a critical task — one that has a big impact on your business. If you can delegate this requirement, you can free up time to focus on the key aspects of your business.

At ATIAT, we understand the demands and the complexities of modern enterprises. We know how valuable your time is and why it is important to spend more of it on the key aspects of your business. And we are very familiar with the challenges of managing multiple assets across a number of locations.

Whether your business is in just one city or you have operations across the continent, or whether you utilize one car or a thousand vehicles for your transportation and deliveries, we can help carry the load and provide you with business solutions that will allow you more time to concentrate on the core of your business.

Under our Operating Lease Services, we can share with you our expertise on Fleet Management and take full responsibility for the effective operations of all your company vehicles. We can set up a car hire solution that will give you some flexibility in managing your transportation costs.

We value your trust and we commit ourselves to ensuring that you deliver on your commitments as well — to your employees, your customers, your suppliers, or your business partners. Through an effective and cost efficient management of your assets, we will help you drive your business further and get you where you need to go, safely and on time.

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