Finance Lease

At ATIAT, we finance the acquisition of assets like vehicles, trucks, computers, and furniture. We help our customers acquire assets under our name to own them at an agreed tenor with a flexible payment plan. Our finance lease acquisition is available to consumers and corporate organizations. It allows you to conserve your capital with a minimum capital expenditure of 30% upfront and gives you room for accurate monthly budgeting.

 Consumer Finance Lease

For salaried individuals who would like to get a car or an asset, this affordable lease facility offers you a monthly repayment plan. All you need to do is provide a small percentage of the total value of the asset and we take care of the rest. 

 Consumer Finance Lease

We offer easy acquisition of vehicles for your business operation; you get to have your fleet of vehicles now and pay in installments, within a period, leaving you with funds to still run your business.

Equipment Finance Lease

With our Equipment Finance Lease, you can purchase heavy equipment such as generators, trucks, heavy-duty vehicular and non-vehicular assets used in businesses. This finance lease is available for specific industries looking at purchasing equipment at an affordable rate. Some of the industries this lease covers are oil and gas, logistics, construction, and agriculture. A convenient payment plan is made for the tenor period.

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